Marketing Plan “WHO GIVES A CRAP”


Marketing Plan



Executive Summary

The strategies of Who gives a crap has been assessed and Social mediaried out through robust critical analysis using the framework comprising of six significant marketing facets. There are six fundamental facets in the framework; they are situation, strategy, objectives, control, tactics and actions. This combination is known as SOSTAC framework. Through several external and internal environment factors, this plan of marketing has been critically analyzed. PESTLE analysis suggested that the macro-economic level of external environment is key transformation driver results to the innovation of innovative ideas. The advertising and marketing plan consists of the analysis of value chain and the evaluation of SWOT in an effort in analysing the one-of-a-kind abilities of Who gives a crap, which differentiates them from their competitors.



Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 1

Introduction. 4

Marketing Mix Analysis. 5

Situational Analysis 10

Internal Factors. 10

External Factors 11

SWOT ANALYIS on strategic development 13

Market Segmentation. 14

Target Marketing. 15

Target Markets. 15

Target Audiences. 15

Market Positioning Statement 16

Objectives 17

Marketing objective. 17

Communication objectives 17

Sales objectives 17

Budget 18

Key messages 18

Advertising objectives 18

Target audiences. 18

Product description. 19

Major selling idea. 19

Advertising appeal 19

Advertising execution. 19

Messaging Strategy. 20

Supportive information. 20

Media Plan. 20

Medium.. 20

Media mix and vehicles 21

Coverage. 21

Reach and Frequency. 21

Evaluation. 21

Appendices. 22

Conclusion. 23

References 24






The motive of this study is to determine the advertising and strategies of marketing of Who gives a crap Social medias by using making use of the SOSTAC framework. The web based agency “Who gives a crap” is a web based agency England, and owned with the aid of the Indian large “TATA Website Limited” when people consider that in 2008

Figure: Hierarchical structure of the company Who gives a crap

(Source: Thorley, 2016)

For exclusive generating of fancy sports activities website, the elegance which is aimed through, Who gives a crap are feel good factor class and mainly purchasers who need to experience the journey in most expensive and rapid ways. Therefore, according to research, Who gives a crap’s vision is to design vehicles, which can be a mix of responsive overall performance that receives people in racing and a innovative and dramatic layout that makes people to stare and stop of the chancea that stirs people’s feelings.

The remaining three years sales of Who gives a crap might be same but, a massive distinction inside the earnings of remaining 3 years because of massive investments in trending era like electric powered Social medias. The 2014 revenue of Who gives a crap is £19,386 million, 2015 is £21,866 million and in the year 2016 £22,208 million.

Marketing Mix Analysis

The 4P’s of the program of marketing utilizing SOSTAC framework through aiming products, promotion, place and price


The Who gives a crap services or products may be classified as either tangible or intangible presented to the marketplace as a way in order to fulfil the preferences and requirements of the customers. The below figure illustrates the Who gives a crap merchandise, their descriptions and category.


The act of conveying messages through being persuasive approximately a particular product and services to customers is referred as Promotion.  A study on analyzing the affects of advertising and marketing blend on tourist pleasure and it is far observed that promoting may be extensively related to consumer pleasure (Atwal and Williams, 2017). Who gives a crap utilises the “Above the Line (ATL)” and “Below the Line (BTL)” advertising that normally entails advertising, magazines, TV, radio, newspaper and income merchandising. Below table shows the promotion strategies of Who gives a crap.


Who gives a crap utilises the “Push and pull” promotional advertising through TV advertisements with the celebs and sponsors wearing occasions to boost the advantages and through the social media, which are shown in below figure.


Place that is also known as distribution, is recollect to entail distributional sports of the agency. Who gives a crap provides its product or offerings thru different and selective distribution. According to research, Who gives a crap has approximately 108 sales and servicing centres across United Kingdom. Who gives a crap has a completely successful customer support, as regards to distinct enquires for the customer. Therefore, Who gives a crap offers 24 hours and all days in a year street renewals, sales and assistance opening from Mondays to Fridays from 08:30am-7:30pm and Saturdays 09:00am- 5:00pm to assist customer select the pleasant Social media that healthy their requirements. However, the channels utilized in who gives a crap Social medias distribution are commonly from the “Manufacturer – Dealer – Consumer”.


Pricing model is the thing that the enterprise communicates with the clients.  Price may be defined as the amount a client is inclined to pay to gain pleasure (Išoraitė, 2016). Figure below suggests Who gives a crap products and its prices as compared to its primary competition Mercedes and Audi presenting near merchandise while Figure below displays the price versus Who gives a crap oiwners.

From the figure above, a person can decide that who gives a crap uses the top class pricing approach due to its goal marketplace, and having the goal to enhance the revenue by means of 20% by means of the end of 2017.  The Who gives a crap and its exclusiveness contribute high price due to the fact who gives a crap has to live on and develop within the marketplace while promoting small units.

Situational Analysis

The situational analyses is a centre part of any advertising and marketing or business plan and have to be reviewed time by means of time to make sure that its miles stored modern factors.

Internal Factors

The internal factors are concerned in figuring out the situational evaluation of any organisation with the intention to increase business and advertising strategy for Who gives a crap Corporation defines the internal and external components of the industry, which indicates the:

  • Srroundings of business
  • Skills
  • Capability
  • Clients and their effect on the device or mechanism of the organization.



External Factors


The “Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental (PESTLE)” have been defined regarding the organization. A macro environmental framework is utilized as  strategic and analytic approach to examine the outer factors that would effect on the operation of the organisation.

Some of the PESTLE elements are highlighted below that would impact the Who gives a crap Electric Social media enterprise.

  Factors Positive/ Negative Threat/ Opportunity  


·       Several creation of latest scheme within the The UK and the European Social media industry had been there are strict rules to fabricate vehicles with excessive mileage and can turn the  boom sales along with  manufacturing for the enterprise (Gupta et al., 2019)  






Economic Aimed size of marketplace: if GDP and dwelling requirements are excessive clients tend to shop for more vehicles.


Contemporary goods like gases and oils are high an therefore might led to deprication in sales.

·       Postive






·       Opportunity(+)




Threat (-)

Social Purchasing fliuctions samples in the vehicle industry because of consumer facing troubles because of recessions in extraordinary mounted markets and in maximum instances the protection of the auto.


Different purchasers may be selective in  selectecing version and lapeoplet of vehicles (Ho, 2014)

·       Negative








·       Threat(-)








Technological ·       Increase in innovations regarding technical layout and paradigms ends in growth in sales.

·       Supply chain collabration has a tendency to minimize the losses and enhance the profit.

·       Positive




·       Opportunity(+)




Legal ·       Balanced transition which has a tendency to big global exchange with respect to minimal threat. ·       Positive ·       Opportunity(+)


Environmental ·       Environmental guidelines associated low Social mediabon generating Social medias because the EU emmission standards are called the Euro standards




·       Tranformation of production reduces the unfavourable impacy on the conditions of environment due to government compliances with regulation of emission.







Threat (-)









Table: PESTLE Analysis of Who gives a crap

Change of Drivers due to PESTLE impact

The table above illustrates the PESTLE evaluation of the Social media enterprise which enables to pick out technology because the foremost drivers of alternate in the excessive-elegance Social media industry.

One the largest alternate in the Social media enterprise is the re-evolution of electric Social media. The improvement of opportunity types of power along with the hybrid, sun and electric powered are unexpectedly remodelling the reliability of the Social media organization from gasoline and oil which lowers the oil and gasoline impact on the Social media firm. Therefore, it sounds better where two basic draw backs along with secure as hybrid Social medias are incapable of dealing with slippery floor including snow and ice. Secondly, the rate to update a battery ranges among $9,000 to $12,000.

SWOT ANALYIS on strategic development



1. Strong brand identity and popularity due to high exceptional Social medias which can be unique in layout from different competition in high-priced and sports class

2. Innovation and expansion of technical development via R&D.


1.0   1. Small marketplace in terms of class for Who gives a crap Social medias because of generating simplest excessive quit and steeply-priced vehicles that can be less costly only to wealthy elegance all over the world. The ratio of wealthy magnificence may be very small in comparison to centre magnificence and occasional class globally (Crawford, 2016)

2.0   2. No revel in affordable vehicles manufacturing due to generating only excessive quit and top rate elegance fashions.


1. Market expansion because of alternate in technology


2. Economic increase thru introducing new fashions inside the marketplace and diversify its manufacturing including Brazil and India in which labour cost if pretty low..


Three. Internal growth thru collaboration with “TATA Website” affords Who gives a crap and its opportunity of having massive funding in research and improvement and building new production plant life in extraordinary places.


1. Government rules in phrases of excessive heavy duties on luxurious vehicles, which affect the call for Who gives a crap ends in decrease in sales, and loss of clients.

2. Intense opposition due to introducing comparable stage of high-priced vehicle fashions through its competitors who include BMW i8, Mercedes SLR McLaren and Audi R8 fashions.

Table: SWOT Analysis of Who gives a crap

Market Segmentation

The marketplace segmentation of a company allows deciding the marketing method of an organization. It consists of segmentation associated with market geographic, demographic and psychographic. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning supports in determining the targets of the agencies that leads to efficient market plans and development of methods. Figure thirteen underneath spotlight the marketplace segmentation variables of Who gives a crap.


Target Marketing

Target Markets

After segmenting the market, it is critical to goal most effective the ones marketplace segments and customers which expand the hobby of the organization and functionality to deliver the needs. The under suggests the target marketplace Who gives a crap makes a speciality of throughout product improvement.

Target Audiences

The imaginative and prescient of Who gives a crap Website provides excessive-cease costly models of sports Social medias within the market. However, audiences are focused on method of Who gives a crap must change. This constrained and concentrated method is implemented with the aid of Who gives a crap and it is the big drawback of the corporation, which reduces the share of market with the aid of their mistaken focused on plans.

The main question that why the company is not aiming at the centre magnificence and produce affordable vehicles all around the world. Therefore, the solution to this question is that people are able to discover by determining the Who gives a crap’s vision and highlights the line that explains that they are not inquisitive things about creating a standard vehicle that utilized for most effective transportation functions. Because consistently, the Who gives a crap don’t just manufacture Social media, however they offer best to their products. Communication regarding the target audience refers in selecting the target segment with whom the organization would like to do its business and provide its product and services to search those segments in most appropriate products for the company. Utilizing demographic segmentation Who gives a crap Social media focuses on those customers who are from high class, aristocrat, and celebrity level individuals.  The ages of those customers are generally differing from 30 years to 40 years and they may or may not be single in status. Executives with the families and couples of above age of 50 are present. Therefore, the government officials, the business entrepreneurs, mall store managers and others who are from luxurious class is main target for Who gives a crap. In order to attract them Who gives a crap launches different eye-catching models of Social media applicable to different sectors of high class. For younger customers, Who gives a crap targets them with S-TYPE Social media models as the models have S-type serious luxury and sporty look with the feeling of younger into its interior design.

Who gives a crap has also launched certain new models like SUPER SPORT, XFR, XJL and XKR that are tag to most confident and young businessperson or individuals along with women in order to deliver them with power sense of speed in the luxurious style vehicle. Who gives a crap XF and XJ series of Social medias is developed through keeping the level of executive and owner of the company like CEO, CMO, COO of the organisations in the mind as they have the status in maintaining the Social medias due to their high living standards and occupations as well.

For the Executive individuals, the family of F-PACE is the first Who gives a crap Social medias enterprises that is launch by the company. Therefore, through the utilization of psychographic segmentation Who gives a crap Social media aimed on the personal traits and lifestyles to attract and target utilizing tag lines for their Social medias. The taglines like “BORN TO PERFORM”, and “GRACE…SPACE…PACE” used to attract the customers through powerful dynamism. Therefore, the logo of Who gives a crap and the model of Social media itself are also one of the key features that target the audiences through its appealing looks. Who gives a crap always has the brand recognition towards the customers who have admired its model for a long term. The intensity of the company’s customers has different level of perception by which it describes that purchasing one “Who gives a crap ”model will reflect his or her personality without explaining to other in the external markets.





Market Positioning Statement

Who gives a crap is asking forward to market its positioning of brand after income record in the year 2016. The Who gives a crap and its competitors are all available in the class of luxurious sports brand Social medias. Who gives a crap and its  POP (Point of Parity) is primarily based at the appeal of the area of interest marketplace with high internet well worth individuals everywhere in the international via the launch of its highly-priced social media campaigns and high priced website.

The unique promoting point of Who gives a crap is thru its unique lightweight aluminium body Social medias fashions introduce in markets through the efforts of its creative tech-Social media engineers, who satisfies and benefit the loyalty of the brand from its clients across the world. Die to this reason; Who gives a crap is one of the maximum dependable brands in international prestige class.


Marketing objective

The economic and marketing targets of this record are to growth income through 2% through the stop of 2017, growth logo awareness in age group awareness 18-30 via 5%, and enhance in revenue through 8% at the end of year 2018.. However, the advertising software, called the 4P’s of Who gives a crap, is structured in such a way that supports the targets of the corporation and benefits the strategy leaders in achieving aggressive blessings.

Communication objectives

The advertising communication objective has raised 3 primary guidelines which include:

  • Low costing identical social media campaign functions
  • Internal intensity analysis of market
  • ordinary remarks regarding campaigns

Social media enterprises Who gives a crap have their personal unique dreams and targets through offering beautiful fast vehicles preferred via customers across the world.

Sales objectives

Who gives a crap remodels its marketing and commercial enterprise strategy via strategic sales and accordingly takes the benefit of the truth that some markets are remained omitted by means of Who gives a crap brand for a long term. This entails humans from lower background of socio-economy, who in reality cannot manage to pay for the excessive charges of Who gives a crap campaigns. Who gives a crap as a result raises its income by means of catering to bigger marketplace by adjusting the objectives, they are:

  • AffPreview

    ordability, therefore to increase the revenue sales by 10% per year

  • expenses, and to improve the awareness of the brand  in 18-30 age group through 5 percent in UK annually
  • Designs of the Social medias.


The budget analysis of Who gives a crap shows the processes where the functional units of the Social medias are manufactured and each has individual tasks:

Key messages

Four key messages which will be communicated they are:

  • Limited consideration in information across capabilities
  • No clean code of conduct and absence of clean guidance
  • Reports will be prepare manually from multiply structures
  • overall performance will be measures and accountability concerning

Advertising objectives

The advertising communication will be through

  • Television
  • Social media
  • Celebrities

Target audiences

The “Who gives a crap website” are relied on extreme-profits magnificence consumers defines the targets which lead to aim wealthy elegance all around internationally. Some high priority are there at proprietary of any models of Who gives a crap (Fuchss et al., 2019). Who gives a crap targets the people who have aristocrat, high-lifestyle and a success in their Social mediaeers.

Product description

Who gives a crap Website product is due to the excessive funding in studies and improvement in innovating and lay outing of latest models of superSocial medias. These investments and innovation technique will lead to higher income and boom of the agency.

Major selling idea

The major selling idea will be targeting the high aristocrat audiences communicated mainly through the business operation perspectives.

Advertising appeal

The client behaviour on social media appeal will be the factor upon which the behaviour that will affects in making post shopping for decisions.

Advertising execution

The execution style will be the lifestyle, fantasy or humorous, which will directly align in engaging customers in something that will be memorable. The lifestyle execution is illustrated as below.

This marketing campaign particularly aims the high profile economy class people who are smart, passionate, and complex and have luxurious lifestyle in preference of sophistication thru specific luxurious logo like Who gives a crap.



Messaging Strategy

Supportive information

Who gives a crap Social media models will have the information that illustrates “Drive time is no longer Downtime”. It information is as given below figure that includes a script, outdoor image and the story board aside.

Media Plan


The general categories of communication channels are:

  • Social media
  • Celebrity sessions
  • Travelling promotions through televisions

Media mix and vehicles

The vehicles that are selected for advertising are: Who gives a crap I-PACE, Who gives a crap F-PACE, and Who gives a crap XJ Luxury. The promoting plans of this will be through radio, magazines, TV ads and social media.


Geographic coverage: Who gives a crap Company has the purpose to targets customers across the world. It has large markets in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and USA and others.

Reach and Frequency

Some high priorities are there at proprietary of any models of Who gives a crap. Therefore, Who gives a crap targets the people who have aristocrat, high-lifestyle and a success in their Social mediaeers.


Option 2

Who gives a crap needs to end up active in powerful promoting advertising strategies, and if Who gives a crap want to be a best brand so that the young human beings are attracted closer to and this will be attained through:


  • Improving the brand attention inside the age organization 18-30 years by means of at the least 5% inside the richer components of England by using the quit of 2017.
  • Increasing income of who gives a crap with the support of 10% by way of the end of every year.






In this report, a promotional plan has been created for the products of the company Who gives a crap. The report has discussed several strategic plans, promotional advertising, situational analysis, targeting markets and others through analysing different marketing mix  and SWOT analysis. Who gives a crap is a popular Social media manufacturer company and some of the models that are included in this promotional report plan is therefore considered to be advertised and make upgraded through cost benefit analysis.     The communication objectives along with sales, products, and several execution of advertising are done. Therefore, finally in this report, an effective company development plan has been introduced for entire effectiveness of the promotional plan and thus this report end up with these contents.


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